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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please, find below some of the frequently asked questions our clients make. This is a very useful section if you have simple questions about your alarm system. However, in case of more specific questions or problems that require an immediate response, call us and we will be very pleased to help you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Can I test the system myself?

    Before making tests with the system, you must let the Central of Alarms in order to put the system on test. Not doing so could cause a false alarm to the Police forces. Connect the system and leave the building, let the retard time elapse and then, go in again. Take into account that normally, the entrance zones have a retard time to allow you to have some seconds to disconnect the alarm. You can walk to trigger several detectors, and then, ask for the information to the Central of Alarms.

  • I want to connect the alarm but the system does not allow me to arm it.

    Disconnect the system and check that there are no zones with failure or open. The system should be “READY”. If you see “NOT READY” on the screen, one or more zones or sectors are open or with some type of technical failure. In order to detect these zones, press the key “READY”. Check that all the doors and windows are close and that nobody is moving inside the zones protected by infrared detectors. Once the zones are OK, the screen will display the word “READY”. This means that the system is ready to arm.

  • The light of the detector does not switch on when I walk in front of it…

    In order to extend the life of the radio technology based detectors and their batteries, we inactivate the light (LED) of the detectors. In order to test that the detector is working properly you can put the system in CHIME mode.

  • The word "ALARM" is displayed in the screen, what does it mean?

    When the alarm is triggered, after the disconnection, this event is kept in the memory of the system. In order to erase it, simply repeat the same process you do to disconnect the system.

  • What do I have to do if the screen shows "FC"?

    FC means Failure of Communication, i.e. the system has problems to communicate with the Central of Alarms. Check that your telephone line is ok and then connect and disconnect the system.

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